The Moment

A modern take on Shakespeare’s classic tale of two doomed young lovers.  Juliet is dead and Romeo cannot carry on without his true love.  As his life drifts away he relives the most important moments of their life together.
Short story. 2,400 words.

Once I Was Great

A once mighty computer, its purpose now fulfilled, sits alone in the dark, contemplating its past achievements.
Short story. 950 words.

Seeing the Good in People

A troubled child and an absuive father. Sometimes it’s hard to see the good in people, especially those you love.
Short story. 1,600 words.

A New Perspective

Sometimes we don’t see the wonderful right under our noses. Sometimes we need a nudge to do the right thing. Sometimes we need a new perspective.

Majestico’s Magnificent Menagerie of Mysticism is a strange little shop. A place of curiosities and wonders. There is something for everyone but are you prepared to pay?
Short story, contains strong language. 12,000 words.

The Last Santa

Who wouldn’t want to be Santa Claus? Bringing all that joy to the world, all those presents. Joakim Noel has had enough of being everyone’s favorite delivery boy and when a woman in a bar offers him a new opportunity he finally finds a way to become the last Santa.
Short story, contains strong language. 5,400 words.