No Company X, I do not want a relationship with you

A nice man from Hitman, the pest control people, came around to my house today.  He was very friendly and gave me a great tip on how I can stop my legs from getting cut up when I use the whipper snipper in the garden, his advice get some shin pads.  It was a genuinely pleasant experience and I’m pleased he came around, not least because the spray he put down will stop the cockroaches from trying to take over my kitchen.  But here’s the thing, I don’t care which “Hit… man” did the job, I’ve interacted with a number of Hitman employees and they’ve all been courteous, friendly and helpful.  But Hitman the company seem to think I’m bothered that the guy who came to do the job last year isn’t the one who is coming this year.  Sorry Hitman, you’re nice guys and do a great job but I really don’t care, we aren’t in a relationship and this isn’t a date.

I mentioned in a previous post that email scams are getting weirder, but the behaviour of companies nowadays is even stranger.  They all seem to want to have my contact details, as if they think I’m hovering over my phone just waiting for their call or email.

At the weekend I bought a Chromecast from JB Hi-Fi, it’s another miraculous device that only cost $AUD60.  The person on the checkout asked if I wanted to give them my mobile number so they could “send me a receipt”, no thanks I already had a paper receipt and I had to get it stamped to get out of the store.

Last year I foolishly gave Bridgestone Tyres my email address, the man behind the counter assured me that it was only for notifications of their free tyre check service but less than a week after handing it over I started receiving marketing emails.  How many tyres do they think I need?

Or what about Aldi?  Every time I go in at the moment they ask me for my postcode.  I know why they do it, they want demographic information, but I think all of these companies are misunderstanding what the relationship actually is between me and them.  I give them money and they give me goods and/or services.  If I want anything else from them then I’ll ask and then probably give them more money in exchange for more goods and/or services.  We have a purely transactional relationship.

In an age where we truly are the product, yeah I’m looking at you Facebook and no I’m not completing my profile so you can sell me to the highest bidder, I think it’s important that we make it clear that asking for personal information is not ok.  And to all the companies out there that are so desperate for me to have a relationship with them, make it worth my while, take me out to dinner or at least buy me a drink first.

Authors note

Link to the featured image.  It’s not directly related but I thought it was a funny image.


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