Hollywood just stop, the world doesn’t need another Ghostbusters film

I was 11 when the original Ghostbusters film came out.  I loved the film and still do.  I went to see it eight times.  It played at a wonderful old Odeon Cinema, the kind that had a young girl stand at the front in a silly outfit selling ice creams from an illuminated tray.  After the fifth or so viewing I knew all the words, knew every joke and scary moment but I still loved it.  It was fantastical, scientific and hilarious.  It was a unique film that deserved all the praise that has been heaped upon it.  It was also lightning in a bottle.  I know this because Ghostbusters 2 is like a pale imitation of the first, it has all the same ingredients but the magic isn’t there and I hate it.  I’ve recently re-watched the two original films and the first is still a sparkling diamond, every second a beautifully crafted joy to watch, the second remains a dull and unfunny lump of coal.  So if the original cast, screenwriters and filmmakers can’t make a good sequel why did Hollywood think that an uninspired remake 30 years later would perform any better?  I haven’t seen the 2016 version, I stayed away on principle, but it’s clear from the reviews I’ve seen and read that it hasn’t been able to re-capture that magic either.

So why does Hollywood think that yet another sequel is going to do any better?  I don’t care how good the film will be, I’m not going to see that on principle either, that principle being we need to stop giving Hollywood a pass on reboots and remakes.  Stop going to see films that are clearly only made to cash in on good will and nostalgia.  It’s like helping a thief steal a wallet from a rotting corpse.

The original Ghostbusters is a timeless classic that is still fun to watch and will still be fun to watch in another fifty years, for the love of Gozer Hollywood, stop trying to capture that moment again.



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