Keep your tabs open, have a walk down memory lane a couple of weeks later

One thing I’m guilty of is never closing tabs in my browser.  Here’s an image of my tabs in my current browser window.


Here’s another window.


I think I have a tab problem.

But I discovered something wonderful a while back.  These tabs, opened so quickly and forgotten so easily can provide a fascinating walk down memory lane days and weeks later.  For instance one of these tabs leads to the game Caller’s Bane, previously called “Scrolls”, it’s a wonderful deck building game that has recently gone free to play, I had forgotten all about it.  Another tab leads to the word “elision“, which means “the omission of a sound or syllable when speaking”, it’s a word I never use but it’s great to be reminded of it again.  Yet another tab leads to a “what is this thing” post on reddit, it turns out it’s a flag pole finial, until I read that post I didn’t know that these things even had a name.

I find this type of memory diving great fun, instead of being a tab hoarder who just can’t let go I can now wander down memory lane remembering these easily forgotten snippets and factoids with only a hint of guilt at not keeping things tidy.

However, if you’re a tab hoarder and use Chrome you need to use The Great Suspender extension which suspends the plethora of tabs and prevents them from using too many resources and grinding your computer to a halt.  Thanks to my eldest son for pointing me towards that.

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