Netflix and their ever changing pictures for programmes

I quite like Netflix, despite it being set up so that you must give it your credit card details before it will tell you what it offers, an extremely dubious set up if you ask me.  This is akin to a shopkeeper demanding your credit card before they will let you into their shop.  But no, despite this annoyance, I actually like the service and a lot of the original content they produce, I plan to do a blog post on some of my favourites in the future.

There is one thing that really annoys me however.  The images for their listings keep changing.  They seem to change the image for a film or programme every time I visit their site.  Here’s an example with the DC Titans.

One day it was this:


Another day it was this:


And yet another day it was this:


Just how many images do they have for this programme?


At least one more it seems:


I first noticed this when I wanted to watch Stranger Things.  Each night the missus and I would sit down to watch an episode and it would take me a couple of minutes to find it again because the image for the programme had changed.  It didn’t help that Netflix would often move the programme around in my “Continue watching” list and move the location of the continue watching list vertically in the list of lists.  It’s as if they shuffle everything around every time you visit.

Now I know why they do this, they want to make it look like they always have new and exciting content on their service.  We are visual creatures, we associate images with things so when we see new images we think we are seeing something new.  But it makes it bloody hard to find what you want to watch Netflix!

Authors note

Link to the featured image.


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